Taking the Extra Step

Sydney Saunders - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Going the Extra Step

I believe in taking the extra step.

Taking the extra step can later lead to going the extra mile. It becomes habit forming, like twirling your hair or biting your nails. Going the extra step is when you do something that is more than the expected and you will get praise and self-confidence and by doing so.

When I was young, my Daddy used to help me with my homework. We would accomplish it, check over it, and check over it again. Feeling accomplished, I put it in my backpack, “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” My dad would say, “What?” I replied. “Don’t you want to go the extra step?” he would ask. Of course I knew that he wanted me to show my work and explain my reasoning, but that would mean more work! My response was always the same, a whine and a complain and then an argument aroused.

Looking back now, I realized how obtuse that was on my part. Eventually, I would listen to my dad, and would finally go the extra step, I would get praise from my teacher, and I enjoyed that. Soon afterward I became more independent and would do my homework myself. I would always try to achieve more than what was expected. It became habit forming and it was natural. Eventually, I started to get better grades, and I set higher goals for myself. Going the extra step really pays off.

Not only does doing more than expected help you in school, but it helps in life too. If you get in the habit early, than it will be natural to you and you would do better in your work. You could impress someone very important, or just an ordinary person. You could be more than ordinary, more than expected, you can stick out in every situation. As I continued to do more than expected in my young years, I see that a little more work is really paying off. I feel accomplished, and I always do great in important activities and projects.

Seldom did I complain after my elementary years of going the extra step. I would realize the acknowledgment and praise I would get. Taking the extra step is like taking a baby step, in life. With a little practice and carefulness, you would get better and better, and after working hard.