Small Acts of Kindness

Akshara - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in saying hi to the janitor. I believe that one small gesture of kindness to another person can result in a happier world. Just think-if every one in the world made some small gesture of kindness to someone else, like holding the door open for them or even smiling at them when you see them in the hall, there would be a blanket of compassion enveloping our world. But any spread of evil could make a hole in this blanket and soon enough we will have ripped it to shreds.

When I see the janitor in the hallway after school, I make an effort to say hi and ask him how he is. This always seems to make him shine a little brighter. I used to think, how can a simple question make him fell so good? All I said was hi! But then I’d think about how I would fell if I worked hard all day and no one even bothered to acknowledge the fact that I was there or how hard I was working.

I believe that every small act of kindness deserves applause. I believe that even the smallest action should be recognized whether it is taking out the trash or cleaning the floors. When we see someone doing something that is a “lower-class job”, we think down upon them. But we shouldn’t think of them as lower-class, but as people that do the job that most of us wouldn’t dare do. I believe that taking the time to say hi to janitor is worth my time because that act of kindness makes all the difference. This I believe.