Heghine - Fresno, California
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Knowledge is everything. It is an acquired skill by experience and education. I believe that knowledge is the major fundamental ability to gain in life because it surrounds us. Although there is no true definition of knowledge, Plato’s formulation for knowledge is that it is the justified true belief.

Knowledge helps you make the right choices that will not backfire in the future, however, may be gained by mistakes. I understand that knowledge varies from person to person and thus, the more you have it, the better for you. I deem that, that wisdom is easy and hard to gain at the same time, perhaps of the difficulty in storing the information. I believe that an individual cannot be called virtuous if he has not acquired intelligence and we often find that a person becomes attractive when they have wisdom. Dean William R. INGE had therefore stated that, “The aim of education is the knowledge, not of the fact, but of values.” Alas, I would say that a person of high knowledge seeks education because of self understanding and appreciation for the powers that are presented to those who recognize the supremacy of knowledge its self, and not just because they have to go with the flow of societies rules and standards.

I find it quite interesting that knowledge itself is the antidote for fear. Therefore, if you are smart and understand how life works and why things happen the way they do the ess likely you would be afraid of minor situations. Knowledge is an essential key in life. That is the reason why we start school so early in time. I remember feeling knowledge surrounding me in kindergarten and I understood that at that time, they provided everything for me to learn, but ultimately, I was the one who made the choice to educate myself. As a child and as of now, I will always consider myself a black hole trying to suck data of various information’s within me. Some things, which are hard to understand, should not to be feared. Because as you continue learning, during that process, you will find by some miracle, that every continuous piece of information you gather, somehow manages to intertwine with the previous knowledge which you had gained.

The truth is that we each have this gift called the “knowledge” passed down from generation to generation from parents to children. For me, this information came as a slow process because of my life history. Growing up without a father is usually hard on any given child. I was blessed to have such a wonderful family and a grandmother who was like a second mother to me, who taught the value which knowledge, can give. At first, I was a little skeptical as everyone might be, but then as I grew older I have grown to realize how true her teachings were all those days and nights.