Austin - Birmingham, Alabama
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in Jesus Christ.

I remember one Sunday afternoon after church when I was in my early teens I was playing basketball with my Dad in our driveway and I was desperately trying to block his shot. I had not blocked it at all that afternoon. So, I prayed a simple prayer to Jesus asking Him to help me block my Dad’s shot. Right after I asked Jesus for help, He seemed to tell me, “Just go for it!” So when my Dad went up to take the shot, I jumped up and blocked it. I did not even see the ball!

Another example of how Jesus helped me was during the Alabama BEST Robotics competition for high schools. The goal of the robot competition was to drive the school’s robot that the team built up a ramp, get some items, go back down the ramp, and put those items in a scoring box. I was one of the drivers, and in my first round, I did not even get up the ramp. I was quite embarrassed, but our school made it into the semifinals. My second run in the semifinals was “great” like the first. However, we made it into the finals, and I learned that I would be the last person to drive in the last round of the finals. When I was getting ready to drive, our school was tied with two other teams for first. As I stepped onto the gym floor, the noise was so loud that my heart did not have to beat, but I knew that Jesus would help me. “Three, Two, One—GO!” I steered the robot up the ramp and picked up three items. All was well, so I steered the robot down the ramp. It made it half way down the ramp, and suddenly it got stuck. My heart was pounding. I tried to get it back under control, but I could not- it was stuck! I remember thinking, “Jesus, what is going on! What is going to happen now? I know you have a great plan for my life and winning this competition would look really good on a college résumé.” Then right during that prayer the robot just moved and went down the ramp. I do not know how to explain it without telling that part. Jesus does amazing things! Our team along with some other teams scored two items. I thought we would come in second place because we probably did not get out of our box fast enough to activate the tiebreaker… “And first place goes to–Briarwood Christian High School!” Jesus had done it!

These two stories and many others are examples when I decided to put my trust in Jesus to help me, and He did. I have learned that even the things that I cannot change about myself He can change if I allow Him to do so by believing in Him.