This I believe

Sohil - Kansas
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe that you should look at the bright side of the day and not the bad side. Some people just worry and worry and worry about an upcoming event like a speech tournament or a big project. I even worry about getting yelled at in an hour long math class where I never even get punished or in trouble.

Worrying and complaining are unnecessary. You shouldn’t complain because it is just a waste of time and breath because usually your parents just get annoyed.

I learned this lesson when I had a trip to Hawaii and a lesson in the same day. You’d think I’d be so excited about Hawaii that I wouldn’t worry about piano lesson right? No!! Instead I worried about the teacher and if she would yell at me. In school I worry more because it is longer and there are many teachers.

Even though I still worry all the time, my parents have shown me that if I take a positive attitude, I can get through the classes. My dad has inspired me by looking at the bright side because he has to go to work at night sometimes in specific days. He looks at the weekends and he looks at the days where he does not have to go to the middle of the night. My mom has also inspired me by telling me to practice for the classes and to look at the bright side.

When I am allowed to quit piano lesson I actually don’t want to because then I think about the benefits of it. When I am allowed to quit my math tutor I don’t want to because I know that it will help my grade.

There are some really big things that I could worry about like a war that one of my relatives is in. Then I should definitely worry about that and do something to change the problem like protest on something that I think that the government is doing wrong.

For some reason it is always better when my friend or brother is there with me. My brother takes math class and piano class with the same teacher as me and at the same time and then it is not as bad. But people like me need to stop worrying about small things and start using your worry about bigger things. This I believe.