The Power of Words

Aaron - Grandview, Missouri
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Power of Small Words

I believe in the power of small words, kind or hurtful. Simple words like “hello” and “bye” can make someone’s day. Just being noticed can make you feel like someone really cares about you, which really boosts your confidence. The words “loser” and “failure” have the opposite effect. These words can push someone to the edge.

Simply stopping to help someone and saying “Take care” has the power to save lives. I was once told a story by my school principal about a boy she once knew. One day during her senior year of high school while she was walking home she bumped into a boy who was considered a nerd at her school. She helped him pick up all of his things and said “take care” and “see you tomorrow.” At the end of her senior year all of the students had to give speeches. The boy she helped got up to the podium and told everyone how she had saved his life. He explained how he had been planning to commit suicide the day she ran into him. Her small act of kindness changed his mind.

I have had bad days at school just like everyone else. The smallest things can ruin a day like turning in an assignment late or losing your homework, and on these days it often seems like it won’t get better. Once when I was having a day like this my friends were more energetic and a few of them were pushing me around and trying to “cheer me up” by teasing me. All this did was make it worse. Later that day I was packing my things, when I heard someone say “See ya, Aaron.” Normally no one says anything to me in Acting since I’m the only boy, but she took the time to say goodbye. This raised my spirits for the rest of the day. This small event made me recognize the impact our words have on other people and inspired me to write this essay.

So next time you’re about to tease your friend or ignore someone’s greeting, just remember that small words mean a lot. It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day or to ruin it. This I believe.