Hard Work Brings Great Rewards

Joseph - Overland Park, Kansas
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe in hard work, in anything that you do.

Growing up, I loved to work. I worked hard in academics and then I worked hard at sports in the summer. I was always at the top of my classes in the fall and the spring and I was always a great team player for my teams in the summer.

I believe that my success came from the hard work that I did every day at school or at practice.

As I got older, I got to a point where I could tell what class I was good at and what sport I liked to play the most or what was the most fun to play. I started to understand that the best students in that class or the best athletes in that sport give it 100% each day and they succeeded more than people who give around 65% every day.

So as I grew, I kept that idea in my mind each day and I got better at the classes and sports that I was not as good at as before. I started to feel content about everything that I did and I welcomed new challenges with open arms and an open mind.

I think that there can be other people who have contributed to the success as well. Teachers and coaches have helped me tremendously and they definitely should get part of the glory, but I think that people should understand that the coach or teacher helped you win or succeed in that class or sport through making you practice or giving you homework.

But along with the hard workers in the world, there are also people who do not like to work. These people think that everything they do is because of what they did or what they thought, instead of thinking about other people on a team or in an academic competition. There are many people like this and I have met many in my lifetime.

Again, hard work makes champions and also makes scholars. I cannot say it enough that your favorite baseball, basketball, or soccer player did not just get there by themselves, but got there through hard work. Also, you could not believe that such a famous scholar, such as Albert Einstein, could have gotten formulas just straight out of his head in the middle of eating lunch! He must have thought about it long and hard and persevered with his ideas.

I attribute hard work to every single academic or physical achievement that I have ever had in my life and to every teacher or coach who got me there. I think that hard work makes you you and that everyone should know that this one little thing makes you better and better each time you do it.