Jessica - USA
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe everything has a reason of why events happen in life. Every time something occurs, I always think of the famous quote, “Everything happens for a reason.” If an incident or situation happens, there is a reason or purpose as to why it happened at the exact time and place it did. People think things happen out of no where and for no reason and I choose to believe there is some sort of reasoning behind it. There are motives why people make certain choices or do a certain action. Never believe someone when him or her say they did something for no reason, because that’s not true, at the time when it happened there was something that motivated him or her to perform their actions. Reasons can either benefit people or make them suffer a bit, but when the outcome arrives he or she will realize this is how it was supposed to be all along.

When I was in fifth grade, my parents got a divorce after nineteen years of marriage. They told my sister and me that they had too many differences among them. Their reasoning was not good enough for us; we had no idea why this was happening to our family. We always thought that our parents got along just fine, but I guess there were reasons they didn’t share with us. As I got older, I have realized in different ways that maybe the divorce occurred for the best. There were reasons why this happened to us and I think if it didn’t happen, we would be living a totally different lifestyle than we are now. I don’t like to admit this; however it is weird to think about what my family life would be like if my parents were still together. I am used to how my life is with them separated, so it is awkward to think that our family could still be together, and now that I have grown up I have realized the differences between my parents and I see the causes that led to the end of their marriage. My mom is happier than I have seen in a long time, she has a fiancé and has been able to take vacations and do things she never dreamed of when she was with my dad. I love my parents equally, but their personalities are very different compared to one another and I also think they would have started to collide a lot more than they began to in the beginning. At the time of the situation, I never wanted my family to split up, now I realize there are many their disagreements and their actions for taking the divorce and seeing that it worked out for the better.