This I Believe

Haylie - Plano, Texas
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that faith is the only thing a person can truly rely on when things get hard and the only reward is happiness. The power of faith can be such a strong feeling and it can carry any person through anything and that the power of happiness is essential in life. My faith is Jesus Christ and he gives me my happiness. My faith in Jesus has been the only thing in my life I can really count and depend on when I am going through trails and tribulations. He is the only one who has kept my life whole and happy. When I say I am happy, I mean that I am amazed at how perfect my life has turned out and how it couldn’t be any better. The power of faith and happiness can base how your life’s story is made.

At one point in my life I was at the lowest possible point. I cut off my family, friends, and even school. I started to get myself into partying and drinking. I also got so depressed and began cutting. I turned into such a rebellious kid and nobody understood or knew what I was going through. I didn’t think there was anything or anybody that would even try to dig me up out of my hole. I had become one of those kids who wear black, mope around, and don’t do anything with their lives. I was becoming so lost in life I needed something or someone to help me change. So one weekend I decided that I would start trying to go to church again and see if that would help me get through this life I did not want anymore. When I went to Sunday school that weekend they were talking about youth camp and summer activities. They made camp sound so much fun with all the activities they were trying to plan for us. I went home and talked my parents into letting me go. That summer changed my life. I met the most amazing people who helped changed me and the way I wanted to live. My relationship with Jesus Christ grew and I realized that whatever I am going through God can dig me up out of my hole when I thought that nothing was possible. Ever since that summer, my life has been filled with happiness based on the faith that I have in Jesus Christ. There is not a single day I go without thanking God for the miracles that he has made out of my life. I think the definition of life is, “Have faith in Jesus Christ and happiness will come.”