Live life to the Fullest

Aaron - Plano/Tx/75025, Texas
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

In life many obstacles and problems will try to slow someone down; for example, I have relationship problems, school or even family. Life is too short to be sad or mad over stuff like that my motto is “who cares” If life gets me down “who cares.” If it does, move on and go have fun. Life is too short for to be down or overreacting to something that is no big deal when someone goes back and think about it. Life in general has obstacles but I can get over them easily if someone just go out and have fun. Life sometimes is hard but when I try to forget something like it didn’t happen then I can move on faster. I went through some stuff in my life that I’m not to happy about, but I got through the tough times in my life by just forgetting they ever happened. Everybody has a story in there life that they are not happy about but the important thing is that they learned from there mistakes. My definition if life is make it memorable but restrict, have fun and enjoy it because it is way to short to be mad or sad. I’m not saying to go out and get in to trouble I’m saying to make the right choices in life, for example if kids go out to a party and they drink they can but don’t drive, they should stay at a friend house and have fun or let someone else drive them. What I’m trying to explain to the audience is they have there hole life to fall in love or to have fun don’t mess it up by getting arrested or stuck on a relationship problem that is obviously not going to work out. I have faced many past obstacles that have changed my life, if they didn’t happen to me I wouldn’t have learned I believe everything happens for a reason so if I get caught for something then it’s a minor thing for what could’ve been a serious problem. My motto “who cares” is a big deal to me because if I start t get made or sad I listen to music and all I think about is the song and think about who cares let me just have fun and not care. I have a friend who really loved his girlfriend but she broke up with him for another guy and the way he got over it so fast was I told him who cares about her and I just took him to every party I went to and in one week he forgot about her and moved one, but the funny thing is the next week she was begging him to come back to her and he said “No” he got over a girl he loved so fast just by me saying forget about her quick.