Growing Up

Tavin - plano, Texas
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Growing Up

Responsibility is a word that should influence every decision I make. I am responsible for everything for the rest of my life. No longer can my parents or friends make decisions for me. Responsibility is what makes children become teens, teens become young adults, and young adults become successful mature adults and what has made me into the young mature person that I am.

For about the past year and a half, I think about my responsibilities and try to make the best decision possible. Being an only child, I feel as though I have been responsible for many young years of my life. Chores, work, school, church, honesty, and sincerity are just a few of the responsibilities I hold true to myself. Getting a car and job also pushed me passed the point of teenage adolescence to young adulthood. I think that responsibility gets misunderstood as a teenager. Teens don’t analyze their future within the decisions they are about to make. We teens tend to think about the present rather than how the decisions we make affect our future. Responsibility shows your true character. If you can manage school, work, friends, money, and time then people know that you are very responsible and know how to manage your priorities. On the other hand if you have failing grades, can’t save money are doing drugs then more than likely you aren’t very responsible.

My parents and friends give me my drive to be a better person and push me to pursue my responsibilities. Just recently on Mother’s day as the mothers and soon to be mother’s chit-chattered outside, I received a startling compliment. My aunts and I have been close throughout my life and they show me a different side of love and affection than I constantly receive from my own parents. As my aunt was observing my great care and brotherhood to her son, as if he were my own brother, she stated, “Tavin you are so handsome and have become such a responsible young adult.” Somewhat shocked I simply replied, “Thank you” in a kind of question like response.

Getting these types of comments makes me believe in myself and pushes me to strive for perfection. Not only have I shown myself how responsible I have become, I am obviously making it known to others. Gaining more responsibilities is only the beginning of maturation as I continue deeper into the belly of life. The road will only get rougher and longer, and as I continue on with my journey I accept all my responsibilities.