Everything Happens for a Reason

Brittni - Madawaska, Maine
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that “everything happens for a reason” no matter what people tell me, this is my honest belief. I believe that, in this world, everyone has a purpose. Everyone was put on this earth for a reason. I am a firm believer of that. I used to think that I was a waste of time. That I was no good. I’ve come to the conclusion that, know matter who you are, you are special. God has my life chosen for me. People make mistakes but most learn from them and move on. We become better people. Everyday I learn something new. I grow. There are really no mistakes in life. It’s just a learning experience. In my opinion you don’t have to worry about the choices you make because whatever you choose is going to be the right choice for you. Everyone is given the same tools, it’s how you use those tools that define who you are. I have been through a lot of difficulties in my life. I’ve been abused, I was given up at the age of five, I was in foster care for three and a half years of my life, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and scoliosis and I have gone into the Crisis Unit. I could go on and on about how my life. That it’s unfair and blah, blah, blah. That’s not me though. I believe that everything I have gone through has made me the young lady who I am today. It has shaped me. I don’t feel bad for anyone or myself. I deal with it and I move forward. I would not change a single thing. I am special. I truly feel that. I am happy with who I am and what I have made of myself. I am who I make myself. I believe that everything happens for a reason.