The Smallest Things

Keziah - Murphy, Texas
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that it is the smallest things in life that mean the most to me. It is as easy as giving a subtle smile in public saying, “good morning” or even giving part of a lunch to someone with no money for food. In my own experience, I have made a lot of people’s day and turned their frowns upside down; even my day has been made when people do such things to me. There was a time where I was so consumed with a heavy heart and everything around me started to fall apart. There was very little room for hope. I have even considered cutting my life short. It was not until a time when I had a true friend, a very sincere friend of mine, who seems to be under a bright sunny light everyday I see her.

It is very hard to find her in feeling down, for she is always in an ecstatic mood. She understands me, cheers me up and likes to have fun. Just from my experience with her, I have realized that I have been missing a lot in life and that there really is a never ending space of hope in my life. Doing the smallest thing can and will change the way a person feels about someone else. Sometimes someone may just have to be themselves like how my friend changed me. So now, make someone happy by expressing off a positive personality, which really is not hard. That is, if it is a natural reaction for someone to be positive. Go hold the door for someone, pick up things off the floor that people dropped – do something! The result of doing so may be different from expected! It is amazing that the smallest tasks that mean nothing to many will mean a lot to someone else.