growing older

Joey - plano, Texas
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that the way a young boy deals with his problems and mistakes will shape him in to the man he will eventually become. I have made many mistakes and I have many problems, but my mistakes have taught me, and I have learned from. My problems are my own, and I will deal with them. No one else is to blame for my problems or my mistakes. I am the cause of my own problems and my own mistakes. It’s the way I deal with them that makes me who I am. I take one step at a time and make my life what I want it to be. Yes, I do make mistakes, and I deal with them when they occur, and I fix them. The ways I deal with them make me who I am. It makes me the man I am going to be; big or small I am who I am.

In every situation I try to find the good no matter what. I believe that a problem can be fixed without a fight, but not always without some sort of confrontation. I will argue and I will stand up for my point of view but there is no reason I should fight for something that’s not worth that effort. I’ve grown up fighting for various reasons which can be proven by the scares on my knuckles, but I have figured out that that’s not the way to go. Fighting is not the answer to a problem; talking and working it out is the way a problem should be fixed.

Mistakes happen; they can’t be avoided, but in order to be old and wise you first have to be young and stupid. That quote is the way I live my life, I know personally I will make mistakes, I who I am and it’s human nature. But I also know that the mistake will lead me and shape me into who I will eventually be. I believe that my problems are my own and I believe that I cause my own mistakes but I also believe that the way I deal with our problem and mistakes will make me grow in to the person I will eventually want to be.