Remember Who You Are

Lauren - Leawood, Kansas
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe “Remember Who You Are”

By: Lauren

What do you think about when someone says, “Remember who you are?” I think about my values, what I believe in, and what I feel comfortable doing. Peer pressure is the main reason people forget who they are.They do anything just to be popular. The truth is that we don’t realize that we will be more popular and happy if we just act like ourselves. Unfortunately, kids and even some adults are willing to do anything to fit in with the “in” crowd.

When I first started playing tennis I tried to fit in with the other girls in my class who were really cliquey. I tried to impress them and put on some sort of an act so I could be apart of the group. It finally worked. I was “in” with the girls but I wasn’t being myself. One day after tennis my grandma picked me up and as she dropped me off she said as always, “Remember who you are”. Then it hit me. I had changed myself for the popular kids and I had not been true to my self and I needed to show those girls who I really was.

We all have values or things that we strongly believe in. For each person they are different. Some of my most important beliefs are not drinking before the legal age of 21 and not doing drugs. People can forget these values and this can result in serious, lifelong problems. If more people remembered things like these then we could have less car accidents from drinking and driving.

When I’m older and go to parties and alcohol is being served I will have to remember who I am and what I believe. When I am faced with this decision, I will have to remember that I don’t have to drink to have fun like some people.

Remembering who you are also means remembering what’s right and what’s wrong. Making good decisions is something that I will be doing for the rest of my life. If I make bad decisions by, ignoring my sense of right and wrong, then I could lose myself all together.

Remembering who I am will affect everything in my life; my past, present, and future. It has shaped who I am today and the choices that I will make in the future. When I was younger I didn’t think much about what my grandma said because it didn’t mean more than remembering my name “Lauren”. Now that I am older, that saying has taken on a new meaning. It means that I am strong and not easily persuaded to do things that I feel isn’t right, The older you get and the more choices you have, the harder it is to stay firm in what you believe in. It is easy to follow the crowd, but if you don’t realize how much you have changed, one day you may not recognize yourself at all.