One Last Burn

Tori - USA
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Smoking in public places is like having a peeing section in a public pool. Would you want to swim there? I remember the first time I was exposed to secondhand smoke: my family and I were in a restaurant. All I could think about were those horrible fumes, which just wouldn’t go away. I didn’t even want to breathe. When I looked around at the people who were smoking I noticed they had wrinkly skin, and bags under their eyes; they couldn’t have looked any older.

Smoking has been going on around the world for a long time. When our grandparents were teens, it was very popular. I guess they didn’t know how it would affect their lives. Smoking causes cancer, emphysema and, heart disease; it takes 10 years off your life. It gives yellow teeth, wrinkles, more cavities, and it lowers your hormone levels. Cigarettes contain 4,000 chemicals. This is not doing anything healthy to your body. When you smoke you are slowly killing your body.

I’m a very firm believer about not smoking because some of my family members do smoke. I don’t want to lose the people close to me. My grandma has been smoking her whole life and her body has been paying for it. She has had clogged arteries that she has had to get cleaned. She just does not look very healthy. I feel like she could die any moment.

My dad also smokes. He always tries to hide it from me by saying, “No I haven’t been smoking.” Sometimes I can smell it in his breath. I just want him to be healthy. I have tried to tell him all about the harms of smoking but he just never listens to me. He always gets offensive when I even bring up the subject. I don’t want him to feel bad, but I want to scare him out of smoking. It hasn’t worked though. I don’t want my dad to pass away because of his smoking. I want him to live a long life with me, my brother, and my mom.

I just wish people would think twice before they light up a cigarette because it’s not only hurting their bodies, it’s hurting others around them. Not only is smoking bad but so is secondhand smoke. We should ban cigarettes and help others to stop: This I believe.