Live Every Day Like It Could Be Your Last

Michelle - cheshire, Connecticut
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

As a young teen, being without a license can be a rough point in many peoples lives. Myself and my best friend Kaecey would have to resort to walking to get places. We would always go on walks to the store to snack on some food. The nearest stores were; Scooples, a local ice cream shop, and some gas stations.

One evening Kaecey and I took a walk to Scooples to get some ice cream then ventured to the gas station for some candy and soda. I ended up getting a can of mountain dew, a 3 Musketeers bar and a bag of Skittles. Night was approaching so we decided to walk back home. It was around 7:45 just as it started to get dark. While Kaecey and I were gossiping on the sidewalk, my life suddenly flashed before my eyes. A drunk driver had been driving up West Main, the road Kaecey and I had been walking on, when suddenly the driver had lost control. He jumped the curve and the backs of my legs were smashed against the front of the car and my head slammed against the hood. I was thrown 50 feet landing on the cold hard cement.

Kaecey shrieked in fright screaming for someone to help us. Luckily, a nearby man ran out of his house after watching the traumatizing scene, and called 9-1-1. Kaecey then called my parents to tell them the story. At first they thought it was a joke and then realized she wasn’t kidding. I was rushed to the hospital with immediate care. I only suffered a broken ankle and some cuts and bruises. The doctors said it was a miracle that those were my only damages.

After this awful event, friends and family gave me much attention and concern. It makes me scared and sad to think that way more damage could have been done. I am very thankful for surviving that traumatizing event and I thank god for my quick recovery.

To this day I live life like it was my last, knowing that at any point in time I could not be here any longer. Going through this incident has made me think better about life and not worry so much about little problems. Problems can be fixed but not if it is something so serious as being dead. I now live life more freely and take more chances. I try not to have any big fights with people knowing the same possibilities could happen to them also. Life can be a very scary place as well as a very fun place. I’m not saying to always worry about dying, but to appreciate the times we have now. Live for the moment and the good times we have to share.