The World without race

Wonil - Iowa City, Iowa
Entered on May 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Despite I am a Korean who studying abroad in the U.S., I’ve rarely recognized my nationality. I’ve gone to Regina HS in Iowa City, IA, and everyone around me has been friendly as like I feel I’m still in my hometown. I hadn’t thought about being isolated from people around me unless I read an article about Hispanic, especially Mexican, who coming here illegally. And I began wondering why they make hot issues. I have friends from everywhere and it is definitely impossible to rank them by their nationality. It doesn’t matter whether they have lighter skin or not. In our daily lives, however, some people do care one’s nationality. I don’t believe there’s a group of white people ever been kicked out from here since the history of the states began. First of all, we should think about the way they’re coming, Illegal. Objectively, the United States of America is the most influential country among the world and it is the land where everyone’s dreams come true. It, also, is the country based on immigrants. That’s why people all around the world gather into here. I believe the U.S. should pull down the barrier around and let people coming. No one can deny that there is a risk. But, it is the way the America has been chosen. If American obey from fear of terrorism or any kinds of threats and lock their door, it can be no more than choosing to step backward. As they used to do ever since the beginning of the country, give immigrants at least a chance to be here. If they can adapt to this society, they’ll be welcomed. But if not, they can’t get along with us in here anymore. In conclusion, I believe the U.S. reconsider the way they will take and open the door with well-organized and strict rules in this society. It’s not only for a particular nationality but for all people including us in here. Therefore, the America will achieve an enormous progress.