I believe in my Mom

Kenadee - USA
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in my mom.

I believe in my mother because she has been a brillent learner and a wonderful mother! She has raised beautiful children (including me!) and never complained.

I believe in her more and more everyday! She has taught us that when you have work you do it no questions asked! She goes to work and then comes to her second job-a mother, and never once have I heard her complain.

She taught me that you have to put forth your best effort to suceed. For example, when I first started school I was a lazy student and only did what I wanted to do. I then watched my mother to find the key, of course she had it. I later, with some hard work, I became a straight A student throught out my school career.

I am a good listener and when my mom gives me some advice I take it to the grave. She has given me the best advice a mother could give. Advice from achieving in school to how to walk in the zoo.

I cherish my mother and I will love her always! She has taught us all (her children) many good things that I won’t ever forget! I thank her for all her help and encouragment that has gotten me through thick and thin. I thank her and that is why I believe in her more and more each day.