When I Dance

Elissa - Shaker Heights, Ohio
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

For all my life, I have had faith in the one passion that kept me happy. Dance. I have been dancing for a little over thirteen years. Dance was, and still is, my outlet on life. It helped me get through the tough times and the sad. When I was happy, it simply made me happier. The joy it brings me is still lighting the same flame in my heart, just as it did when I started. I have had experience with ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, modern, character, Broadway, African, and many more styles. With every style of dance, I discover a new emotion.

I believe that dance is like a person. Every style is a different emotion. My first look at dance was through ballet. A two-year-old child can only learn so much on their first day of dance. But after a couple of years, I learned the true meaning of dance. Salsa dancing is the romantic feeling. As I twist and strut my way across the floor, I feel a love vibe fill up the room the makes me lose all unhappiness. That overexcited feeling is street dancing. As I pop, lock, and pulse, I feel like the sky is just the minimum. The feeling of sheer joy is tap. Tap is like a sweet summer day with the funky beat hyping up the way I feel. It can brighten up a thousand suns by just a quick shuffle, hop, step, turn. Broadway is that side of me that wants to show off. You know, the show off type that brags and brags until I prove I’m the best? There are a million other emotions that come with each and every style of dance.

Depending on my mood, I feel the same as the kind of dance I’m performing. Each style is just a different way to express how I feel. Whether it’s happy, sad, ecstatic, or melancholy, I know that dance will be there to back me up. When I fail a test, one ballet class shows all my emotion and lets it melt into the ballet bar. After I get a good grade on my report card, hip-hop lets my over excitement pour all over the slick, black floor. The guy I like asks out my best friend, a lyrical number is just waiting to be choreographed using the latest love song. And when I make up with my best friend after a fight, jazz is there to let the happiness shine out of my pointed toes reaching towards the sky. Dance is a person that contains styles as emotions. The more I show them, the more they come out. That’s why I love it so much. It lets me express my emotions without having to say a word. It’s all in the movement, song, and body.