Lyssa - New Franken, Wisconsin
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I have heard people say that procrastination is awful and sometimes it can get you into trouble. I am one of those people, not the one who says that, but who procrastinates. I’ve always wondered if procrastination is just caused by my lack of ambition or if there is something else behind it. Procrastinating comes with some side effects, like forgetting details, low quality on a project, upsetting family or work, or you totally forgetting about it.

I have procrastinated on many projects, but in seventh grade an important project came up and this was not one to do that with. The class had to create a magazine that had articles. Well, typically I procrastinated, but in the beginning it was going smoothly. We had due dates and a spread sheet to keep track of our trades and articles. During the first two weeks I was caught up with everything and handed in homework on time. Shortly after that, I became sick and stayed home from school for two days. Although the teacher gave me an extra day to get the articles together, I never fully caught up. Then I started to get lazy and kept putting it off. Finally the big due date was coming up in less than a week, and me being, well me, I had only completed half of the magazine.

Alright, I told myself, I have to get going on this or I will get a really bad grade on this and my parents will be furious. Once again I got motivated. I started to organize the articles and putting them in the magazine. I thought I was really going to get this finished on time and get a good grade on the project.

The due date came and I did finish the magazine on time. This is where those side effects come in. I forgot three articles and some of the information wasn’t right. That brought my grade down. My overall grade on the project was a B+, so that wasn’t terrible. But I could’ve done much better if I didn’t procrastinate and took the project more seriously.

I actually did learn from this project to catch up and stay that way, but I still procrastinate to this day. I think it is ambition and how seriously a person takes the project that affects procrastination.