I Believe in Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Sumbal - Tempe, Arizona
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in stepping out of my comfort zone. I believe the thrill of uncertainty fuels one’s determination. The unknown secretes a possibility of failure. By stepping into an unfamiliar realm, possibilities of disappointment are diminished. If there are not any standards to meet in the first place, letdowns prove less harsh and victories prove twice as electrifying. Entering the unknown can prove as a beautiful learning process.

I came to believe stepping out of my comfort zone was a virtue through the group exercises at my gym. A friend had persistently brought up the idea of participating in a class exercise. I was willing to accept her offer, until I heard the class was Hip-Hop Dance. I am willing to take risks but I felt a tinge of embarrassment at the idea of my uncoordinated movements in front of a 360 degree mirror. I decided I had nothing to lose and I was absolutely right. What did I have to lose? Even though I danced awkwardly and was 10 seconds behind everyone else, the class proved to be a success. Because I did not have any expectations for my dancing escapades, I was pleased with the experience and was able to laugh at myself. The other participants of the gym class were laughing at themselves as well. They were not professionals…and they knew it too. We enjoyed ourselves greatly because we chose to dispose of failed outcomes before we even entered the gym.

The hip-hop dance class was a great learning experience. Not only did I dive into a world of explosive dance moves, I diminished guidelines I had previously set for myself. I discovered the consequence of stepping out of a comfort zone can boost one’s self-confidence and culture one to be worldly. Now instead of blushing in shame when I recall my first hip-hop class at the gym, I will smile with self-assurance knowing I can conquer any obstacle.