Amy - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Life is unpredictable and continuously moving forward. Within life, there is a constant interruption of obstacles that forces one to take a deeper look into their inner selves and decide who they want to be in order to continue. I believe perseverance is the key to understanding, dealing, and accepting life. Without it, where would we be? The key in every action, the inspiration to continue, the reason for work: perseverance.

In my life there are numerous examples that depict the power of perseverance. However, the most prominent struggle lies in my past. My childhood was not one that a child should have to remember or battle through: divorce. Watching the two most influential people fight, argue, and hate each other was devastating to me. My father was the culprit and because of him, I channeled in anger, pain, and hatred towards him. A broken heart, a broken promise, a broken family: my father was the reason. He tore my mother’s heart into pieces. A daughter watching her mother, a role model for strength, independence, and hope, collapse in such anguish will scar that daughter for life. Nevertheless, I was there for her. The day I counseled and listened as my mother vented and expelled her emotions about my father marked the death of my childhood and the beginning of my young adult years. Little did I know, however, my life would never be the same. Everyday I move on, I persevere, as did my mother. Nonetheless, life is filled with remembrance causing us to have relapses. Even after five years, I still catch my mother sobbing, unable to forget the pain he caused her; but she pushes forward. Ever strong and powerful, she gives me hope and strength to carry on.

Later in life, I had a relapse of grief which quickly spiraled into depression. Unable to forget, unable to heal, I refused to accept life. However, after some time, I realized the true meaning of perseverance. In order to continue in life, I had to accept that love eventually ends. Forgiveness was the only solution. While I could never truly forget his actions, I had to love my father, accept his actions, and learn to forgive him in order to move on. Sadly, he will always haunt me, in my thoughts, and remain a constant reminder that no relationship will last and that all love fades. A burden to endure my whole life that will never again empower me, but me taking hold and carrying that baggage forever.

We persevere. That is all we can do. When we are down to nothing, we have to move on, channel our fears, our depression, our failures and endure the hard times. Life will not stop for anyone and sometimes we take longer than we should to catch up. Luckily, we always do; we find ourselves again and continue pushing ahead. We are strong enough, we are brave enough, and we are built to survive; just never stop fighting.