Monika - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in having passion in every aspect of my life. Without this constant push, I would not be where I am today: an accomplished student, musician, friend, and daughter.

Whenever I am assigned a project in english or in physics, I always put my heart into it. I think clearly about the project, write it out, correct it, and repeat this process needlessly until I know it is perfect and it is the best. I even turn to friends and family to make sure it is more than the teacher’s expectations.

Then, there is my music. Whenever I place my hand to my euphonium, I experience a transfer of energy flow through my body and into the music that I play. Every lyrical and slow passage is played as if my heart is breaking for someone I lost or beating passionately for someone I love. On the other hand, when I play the up-beat music, I feel like I am dancing an Irish jig or going out and laughing with my best friends.

With these best friends, I put my heart and soul into being reliable whenever they need me. I am here for them either for that important game or that heart wrenching moment when they have lost one of their loved ones. With this passion, I have found and developed the closest friends I could find in the world. They understand me just as I understand them and I could never ask for anything more.

Finally, my parents are the ones that I love the most. Although I have never showed it as much as I should, I vow to change that. I have taken for granted all the gifts, time, and advice that my parents have given me. Now that I am old enough to realize this, I feel more connected to them. I do more for them than I have ever done. I look out for them, and I strive to make them proud of every action and everyday of my life.

This is how I use my passion and this is what I believe in. For without this, my life would not be as exciting or fulfilling as it is. I would not be able to enjoy all of life’s opportunities. With this passion, I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible and I will continue to surprise the ones closest to me through my passion for life.