Hey, I’ll Be Doin’ Alright

Ryan - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

The birth my nephew last November changed not only my priorities, but my prospective on life. Seeing him, just minutes old, I realized what really mattered in life. I believe at the end of the day, only friends and family matter. Any non related problem is miniscule. I believe if you woke up this morning, and every person you love and care about is in perfect health, what is there to complain about? The wellness of the people I love overwhelms the problems I may face on a day-to-day basis. This being the case, hey, I’m doin’ alright. When asked how I am or how my day is going, ninety-nine percent of the time I will reply with a form of good or “I’m doin’ alright.” I could have had an atrocious day by many standards, but in the big picture, I still have everyone I love.

Through tough decisions or times, I try to remind myself my situation is survivable. Whether I bombed a test, can’t decide on a college, broke my collarbone, or got in a car accident where I was at fault, I’ll still be doin’ alright. I will get through these hardships, I still have everyone I love. Waking up, knowing everyone close to me has their health is enough to get me through a tough day. I know I will be more than fine come tomorrow.

It may come off that I don’t care about anything. I may procrastinate in almost every task I do, because it’s not a big deal to me. On multiple occasions, my mother sternly told me “You don’t care about anything….that’s sad.” Of course the “anything” she refers to I actually don’t care about, it’s always something miniscule and lacking. I do care though. I would drive hours on end to pick up a friend in need. I would never start a fight for myself, but I would fight anytime for one. If I was put into a situation where my infant nephew needed someone to raise him, everything would be put on a backburner and it would be done. Without second thought, I would give a kidney to my mother, brother, even a close friend. I’ll get by with one, I’ll still be doin’ alright. Any occurrence I face during the day is exponentially better than losing someone I love, so why dwell it?

I believe family and friends are the only priority in life. Without these people, the quality of my life would be greatly diminished.