This I Believe

Lynlea - Chandler, Arizona
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in independence. Living in a day in age where “survival of the fittest” is necessary, it is key to possess the essential skills to survive. Independence is one of the main ingredients that I have deemed important in my life. Without it, I do not know where I would be.

Being the first born child, I was the trial and error period for my parents, for two years before my younger brother was born. My parents raised me differently than the rest of the other kids in my family. They really did not know the types of precautions to set for me. I was daring and always stirring up trouble. I was never afraid to try new things. For the most part, I was really self-serving and wanted to do things for my own. Since my childhood, I always had a strong sense of independence.

Being independent has also developed my sense for discovery. I had an aunt that lived in Los Angeles, California. My mom always joked around with me saying that when I was seven I could fly out to visit her, all on my own. I took this statement seriously because when I turned seven, I made my mom buy me a plane ticket. Looking back on the situation now, my mom seemed crazy to let me, a seven year old, fly on a plane, all by myself. Granted it was only an hour flight, but it was a big deal for the both of us. At age seven, I thought I was big girl and mature enough to handle things on my own. This, I believe was the first time I realized that I could achieve so much more–by myself, with my independence.

It is my belief that I grew up faster than the rest of my peers. I have become comfortable with myself, and I am able to function on my own. I am able to go places alone and not worry about being unaccompanied, so unlike many of my friends. I have this experience to thank. I believe that this event in my life was my first ultimate act of independence. It was the stepping stone to all the things I am able to do now. I am one of the most independent people I know. In this, I believe.