The Sunny Side of Life

Alison - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Things do not always work out as we would hope, but that is to be expected. No one ever said everything would always fall into place. This lesson has been taught to me many times. However, I believe that when things don’t work out right, attitude is everything. I have learned that life is all about perspectives.

As a young girl, I was very sensitive to situations. If something did not go my way, I would instantly feel angry, hurt or dejected. I just could not understand why I things would not always work out for me. I remember one day in particular when everything seemed to go awry. I remember stubbing my toe very hard against the wall. I lost my favorite Barbie shoes. And I distinctly recollect not receiving a toy in my McDonalds’ happy meal. I was having a terrible day. I cried to my mom about how horrible everything had gone, hoping for some motherly compassion. With tears in my eyes, I looked at my mother and told her I was having a very bad day.

It was then that she told me something that made me change my attitude. I remember her taking me in her arms and telling me to look for the silver lining. Of course at my young age, I did not understand what she meant. My mom took me out side and pointed up to the dark, ominous rain clouds. It was that day that I noticed that each cloud, no matter how menacing they look, has a beautiful silver lining surrounding it. It was incredible to me that my mom could find something beautiful from such a dreadful storm cloud.

From this experience, I learned that in every situation, there is a silver lining. The hard part is choosing to see it. When things turn out crummy and you feel dejected, look for the silver lining. A positive attitude produces positive circumstances. Since I have embraced this lesson I have learned that even on those rough mornings when life seems to be purposely trying to get you down, if you look on the bright side, you will have something to smile about. Attitude is truly everything.