i believe in music

Brad - phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that music is in the soul

A universal language that everybody knows

From the Throbbing Beat of an African drum

To the upbeat groove from a British rock bum

Every culture has music, high and low

Each one unique, something new to show

Music can be made from frustration, music can inspire

If one is lucky, music causes desire

Music can be that love struck boy singing for a girl

Music can be played at Carnegie Hall, each note as perfect as a pearl

Music can tear at the soul; it can give you chills

It is nothing more that not-so-cheap thrills

Music can be angry, it can be slow

Sometimes music is played on the battlefield to intimidate a foe

There is Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, and Rock

There is Mozart, Duke Ellington, Whitacre, and Tupac

Who are these people, what have they done

They have created art, and made life more fun

So much style, so much talent

When they first started, they could hardly pay the rent

For the less creative pole of the population

We listen in awe, never in speculation

I cannot turn on the television without hearing music

There is so much around, why do I not get sick

Music could never make me unhappy

Well, two exceptions: Brittany Spears and anything rappy

That is my opinion that is the beauty of it

Listen to that, even though it sounds like … a banshee

I like music that is sick, groovy, gangsta, and fresh

Is that what the kids are calling it today, sounds like somebody has a word fetish

I like the classics, I like the metal

Such a wide spectrum, no group is quelled

Oh yeah, I forgot, there is Brittany Spears

So fitting, not a coincidence, your last name rhymes with tears

Put on some clothes, your voice is so whiny

My interest in you is really quite tiny

Oh yeah, I forgot, there is always the rap

So fitting, not a coincidence, your genre rhymes with crap

I like the beat in the background; it makes me feel like a king

Just do something for me, learn how to sing

I believe that music will last for a while

It gives me something to listen to while I drive, mile after mile

Some music is good, some is bad

Have you noticed that music is just a fad?

Classical has lost the luster and boy bands too

Thank goodness, I can listen to something new

Always changing, always shifting, kind of like a game

However, music is infallible, that fact remains the same