When I Think of E.C.

Timothy - Voorhees, New Jersey
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I think that everyone ought to be surprised with a declaration of love beneath their windowsill. I mean…who can watch the scene from Say Anything with dry eyes, where John Cusack stands beneath Ione Skye’s window and plays “In Your Eyes?” Who doesn’t love seeing Tony clamber up the fire escape so he and Maria can sing “Tonight” together? And who doesn’t know about the legendary balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet that has confused legions of English students about the meaning of the word “wherefore?”

It’s the most astounding thing, it’s the most romantic thing, and it’s the most lovely loving thing you could ever do to someone.

Granted, the view from the balcony or from below could be a little skewed (see Much Ado About Nothing for details). But let’s be honest. Hearing the voice of your sweetheart makes your own sweet heart jump like you just chugged a Monster. It’s better than the ring ring of your cell that tells you that there’s another text; it’s sweeter than being carried across the entrance to your new home; it’s even sappier than maple syrup. But you can worry about the heart-tooth decay after you’ve heard the plinking of rocks at your window and the sound of your name sweeping into your sanctum sanctorum.

It’s a kind of strange magic. You don’t want to fall into this easily concocted spell, but your lover, waiting at your window, desperate for you to lean out and whisper words of wisdom that can float down like holy raindrops…you can’t resist. Passion currents like a river, and affection wraps you up in a quilt that your darling patched together just for you.

I want to hear it. So do you. Just once. That’s all it takes, and we can die happy.

Just, please, please, please, make sure that you keep your window open.