I Believe in Halo

Bradford - 31820, Georgia
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Halo

There are many things I believe in, but the one thing that inspires me like the flame of the Olympic torch is Halo. Not the halo of an angel or saint, but the magnificent first person shooter made by the geniuses at bungie and Microsoft games. Some people would ask, “How could anyone fall in love with a game,” well it is all a very simple story, which can be told through this essay.

When my older brother and I were growing up there was not much we could agree on, however, we always were able to agree on one thing, video games. It did not matter what the game was, or who was better than the other. The only thing that mattered was we were doing something together as brothers. We got so many different games growing up; we were able to beat all of them together. We made a wonderful team. Eventually after years of gaming, and buying all kinds of different consoles, the game halo was announced to come out. The hype for this game was very high in the video game world so we were very anxious for its arrival. Finally on November 15, 2001, it was here the game of our dreams.

My brother and I had no time to argue anymore, we just wanted to beat this game together as a team. The game was difficult, and it was something neither of us was very comfortable with. After hours and hours of playing, we had eventually beaten the entire game on all different difficulties. It seemed as though there was nothing left to do.

Now the creators of halo have come out with two new halo games on the Xbox console. My brother lives far away in a distant land but halo still brings us together with its online play. As we, both grow older and both find different interest we still manage to agree on this one thing. This game is so much more than just “some game.” It’s a connector for two brothers who find very little they can agree on. It is hard not being able to spend time with someone you lived fifteen years of you life with. Some people write each other cards, others talk on the phone, and my brother and I play Halo

People might say it is dumb to play a video game that much but I do not care because it has brought nothing but great things to me. My brother and I would fight about almost anything but this game was able to bring us together. My hat is off to the people who created these magnificent games. I still keep in touch with my brother online through this game. I just hope there are more halos to come.