Reading through Life

Haley - Columbus, Georgia
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in reading. Reading is a powerful tool for me. Each book I read is a new adventure. Each word is knowledge. It is excitement and it is a wonderful way to learn, or just pass a day. Reading has been a mysterious experience for me, too. No one book I read is really the same. It seems easily explainable but it’s so much more. Books help transport us from the everyday monotony of life (which we desperately need an escape from every now and again) and that is such a wonderful thing. I read anytime I can and when I’ve got my hands on a good book, there’s not much that will be able to pry me away from it. Reading is essential to life. Everyone must be able to do some kind of reading to get through the day and it is so much more beneficial when it is enjoyed.

My great zeal for reading stems far back in my childhood and I’ve not stopped reading since. My earliest memory involving reading was long ago. I’m not sure of my age but I was probably around 5 years old. I was sitting with my dad ‘looking’ at the paper (more importantly at the comics!) and as I studied a Garfield comic I realized that I could read the words. I read them aloud and exclaimed and proclaimed it to my dad. I must have read those words over and over again. To this day Garfield has a special place in my heart.

When I was in first grade, I remember having the hardest first grade teacher possible. My class had the most work out of the three first grade classes (well, as much work that first graders can have anyway…) and we read till we couldn’t read anymore. It was a struggle to read so much as we were constantly doing in Ms. May’s first grade class but it paid off in the long run. I didn’t realize it then but all the reading we did gave me a passion for reading. Where other students may struggle, it was an effortless thing for me and I’ll never forget or thank Ms. Mays enough for that.

Reading has only helped me. It has cultivated my imagination and I believe imagination is such an important thing. Especially for young kids but even more important for adults. It helps us see our goals and dreams on a higher level and without imagination what real chance do we have of something inspiring us to have dreams in the first place? There would be no real motivation if we could not see the possible end result. Also, with imagination, reading helps me to live the triumphs or sorrows of each book I read. I clearly see the landscape laid out in my head, the monster chasing after the little boy, or a family rejoicing over a new baby coming into the world. I can so easily relate or see someone’s side and make new friends, but in a healthy way, of course. Reading also encourages me to think for myself, to contemplate the mysteries of life, and to question things. It has had such an impact on my life.

Reading is beneficial to me. With it, new ideas are brought my way that I may have never thought about before. It is a gateway to new discoveries. It may seem crazy to those who can’t stand to even look at a book; this excitement I feel when I get my hands on a new book, but it is a wonderful feeling! A new day, a new book, a new adventure, that could be considered my motto in life!