A New Best Friend

Victoria - Columbus, Georgia
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

This I Believe: A New Best Friend

I sat down to write this essay for a school assignment. Since it was supposed to be for school, I had to do it or my grade would suffer. I could not think of anything to write about that I would at this point and time in my life say I truly believe in. As I kept thinking about how I would complete my assignment, I could only think of one thing that I would feel okay saying I believe in. That one thing that stuck out to me more than anything else was my belief in writing. I believe that paper and pencil can be a person’s best fiend. I know that there are many people who would not agree with that statement. I myself would never have agreed with such a statement, but time and time again, writing of any kind has proven to be worthy enough to be considered a friend.

All beliefs are put to the test at some time or another. I am an aspiring poet. My belief in the power of written words was developed and put to the test at almost the same time. At the age of eight, I discovered that I had an affinity toward writing. Years later I nearly gave up on writing, because the first short story I ever wrote and completed was lost forever. Every time I told myself I was ready to quit, I could not stay away from my work for long.

I believe that believing in something or developing a love for something is not something that is just past down. I believe that my love for poetry was not past down to me. My love for writing poetry is an example of love caused by influencing and mentoring. Everything around me, people, places and objects all influenced my writing. The only help from anyone I have ever had on my writing always came from my teachers, not family, not friends. What is worse is that I never told anyone that I loved to write; my teachers always were able to figure that out.

Over the years I have struggled with false friendships, family issues, and life itself. Everywhere I go I feel silenced by those around me and I feel that my freedom of speech has been taken away from me. When I speak, people do not always listen and I am not imposing that they necessarily should. To me, that is what writing is all about, having someone listen to you and hear your ideas. Whenever I feel silenced or I have a problem that needs working through, I turn to writing, which I now call my best friend.