My Friend

Lindsey - Lompoc, California
Entered on May 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

From the time a child is born until the day he or she moves away to college, parents have the unique opportunity to develop a more personal relationship with their child. A more personal relationship does not mean the child must receive everything they want; instead the parent can develop this relationship by teaching, supporting, guiding in the right direction, and setting boundaries for them. Sadly enough, there are not a lot of parents that form this type of relationship. Instead, they are too busy trying to be their child’s best friend, ignoring their responsibility to be real parents. They fail to realize that being a real parent will make their children happier, healthier, and more successful in life, allowing for a better relationship and eventually a friendship.

I believe there is no better friend in the world than a mom. My mom is a one-of-a-kind person, who carries all of the traits that best suit a perfect mom. She is beautiful, kind, smart, honest, trustworthy and generous; there isn’t anything more a child could ask for. In the nineteen years that we have been together, she always holds her head up high no matter what may have happened. There isn’t anyone I can trust more in the world than my mother. I can always tell her my secrets and know that they will be safe and never heard by anyone else. Therefore, there is no better bond than the one a daughter can form with her mother, I believe.

Looking back, I can recall many instances in which my mom has helped me perform my best. One time in particular that I can remember was during my senior year, my mom was there beside me each and every day of my candidacy for the Flower Festival Queen. Thanks to my mom I was prepared to show my diligence and poise the night of my coronation ball. She taught me how to be positive about the future and that everything happens for a reason. With all of the confidence my mom held in me while I gave my speech and answered my impromptu question in front of many people, I was able to go home that night knowing I was the 2007 first runner-up to the Flower Festival Queen.

I believe that my mom has created the person I am today. She has shaped me from the bottom up: how to do my hair, iron my clothes, present myself in public every time I walk out the door, to be caring of others and have the proper lady-like manners a woman should have. I have always been acknowledged positively by the way I present myself to others and I am sure to let them know that it is due to my mom. My many experiences with my mom are why I believe that every parent has the opportunity to form a lifelong friendship with their child.