I believe in being moved to tears

Anne - Columbus, Georgia
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Throughout my life, I have had many different beliefs. I believe in love and God. I believe that Chris Daughtry should have won “American Idol” and that girls that have that annoying orange make-up line should be told so, but there is one belief that stands out in my mind. I believe in being moved to the point of tears.

There are many opportunities that we are given to express our emotions, and I believe one of the greatest releases of emotion is through tears. Many times, when something very funny happens, people are moved to tears through laughter. This release of emotion is one of joy and happiness and can make you feel so good afterwards. Other times, people are moved to tears through sadness, but after you let it out and release the emotions, you feel much better. Then, people are moved to tears through stress or fear. Releasing these emotions through tears has a calming effect that cannot be replicated. Lastly, people can be moved to tears through unexplained emotions that overwhelm you and cause a release of whatever was built up inside of you.

So many people hate crying, and I must admit, I do too because I feel like sometimes I might seem weak to people if I show my emotions by being moved to tears. I do not believe I am a weak person though. I believe that it takes a very strong person to let themselves be moved to tears and to truly feel such strong emotions that the only option is to release it through tears.

Personally, I am not moved to tears very often, but when I am, I always feel so good. Then I think to myself, “Why didn’t I do that before now?” This year has been different from other years, though. This year is my last year of high school. I have learned to not take any little moment for granted because I love my friends and family and friends who have become family. They have showed me what it really is to be moved to tears and to appreciate what you have. I have learned to let myself be moved to tears more often and to experience much stronger emotions than I have in the past. This I believe.