I believe in Soup

Alex - Columbus, Georgia
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Soup

I believe in soup, from the basic chicken noodle soup to zesty chicken and sausage gumbo soup. Ever since I was little, my uncle would always open a can of soup and warm it up. My first taste of soup was cream of mushroom. I remember when my grandmother opened that aluminum can of cream of mushroom soup and served it with a bowl of rice. At first I thought that it would taste awful, but with that first spoonful I tasted not soup but a new taste for food. I tried doing the same thing with other soups but it did not taste the same. I guess it is like when you have that first taste of something and when you do it the second time it does not taste the same. Even though it did not taste as good when I first did it with the cream of mushroom it still tasted fine. As time went on I tried many different kinds of soups; I tried clam chowder, tomato, vegetable, cream of chicken, chicken and dumplings, and other kinds. My favorite soup that I would always choose to eat at night would be clam chowder. When I come home from school I will usually eat something that will fill me up, but if I want something that is light and a snack I would have myself a warm bowl of vegetable soup or a cream of mushroom soup. Then I was introduced to the nutritious soup from Campbell’s and other soup companies. When I first saw the can I thought that the soup would be healthy but also taste awful. So I went out and bought a couple cans and I tried it. The soup tasted the same; I guess soup is soup no matter what happens to it. My grandmother is Korean and she makes a lot of soup that are both good tasting and healthy for you. Almost every night I would have a bowl of my grandmother’s delicious soup with the traditional rice and other sides such as kimchi and other seasoned vegetables. Soup helps me not only remember the good times of my childhood but also the memories of me and my family being happy when everything was not as complicated as it now is today. I am not saying that soup is a cure for sadness or depression, but it is a comfort food that I stick to when I am in the mood for something good. To me, soup is not just a hot bowl of broth and some stuff thrown in; it is a bowl of happiness and the happy memories of my childhood.