I believ in cartoons

Nicholas - Columbus, Georgia
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in cartoons. Since animated television was created, kids have spent billions of hours watching them. During this time they acquire certain skills needed for everyday life. For instance, cartoons teach children auditory skills. Many parents do not give their children the auditory attention that they require. However, cartoons are able to give such attention that will help them learn to speak.

Recently cartoons have also taught math, science, history, literature, and even foreign language. Cartoons use their ability to grab a child’s attention to improve their knowledge. Let’s take Dora the Explorer for example. It uses a spunky girl, who goes on many fun adventures to teach children Spanish. To have a native English speaking child speak Spanish to you is amazing. Thanks to School Of Rock, they are also able to read on levels three times above their grade. Children are now entering into school with more knowledge than ever before.

I also believe in cartoons for they are a great source of entertainment. On a rainy day or early in the morning, cartoons can be a child’s only source of excitement. On a daily basis they can give a child something to look forward to. The thrill that you see on a child’s face after a new cartoon episode comes on, is unmatched by anything else.

Even adults watch cartoons. Watching an old cartoon is like reliving your joyous childhood. You can see an adult laugh at Daffy being bamboozled by Bugs Bunny just as you would see a child. There are even cartoons that cater to the humor that adults enjoy.

A cartoon has the ability to be molded into anything you desire. They can teach children many important things that can help them in their future. They also can provide both children and adults exciting entertainment. Therefore it can be truthfully said that I believe in cartoons.