I believe in poetry

LaQuita - Columbus, Georgia
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

The expression of feelings in rhymes and free verse is what I believe in. I believe in poetry. Poetry is a form of writing that reflects a person’s emotions. It helps a person express their feelings for a certain situation. Growing up I was a quite person and I was not good with expressing my feeling towards my family, relatives, and my friends. I eventually built up a lot of emotions towards the people I loved because I could not express myself to them. I then begin to look towards poetry after reading the work of famous poets such as Langston Hughes and Sonia Sanchez. I fell in love with the way they expressed themselves and I began to use poetry as a way to release the built up emotions I felt. For a lot of people poetry and writing is the only way they can express themselves. Everyone is not good with verbally expressing they way they feel towards others. Also poetry is a way to escape from all of the secular things. As I write poetry I find myself becoming lost in the passions of my words. If everyone could express themselves in writing the world could become a better place. One might not result to physical or verbal abuse because of anger or disappoint, and one might not result to bodily harm because of depression. A person does not necessarily have to only use poetry as a way to express sad times in their lives but also happy and exciting times. As times progress I hope that more people look into writing poetry. It does not take a rocket scientist to express themselves and poetry does not always have to rhyme. We live in a time now where expressing one’s self is an essential part of life. Holding in built up emotions is not good for the health, it causes stress which can lead to heart problems. No one wants to leave this world knowing that they had so much to say, but just did not know how to express what they needed to say. As I have found a love for poetry I hope that others will also because poetry might just one day change the world and this I believe.