I believe jerks suck

Alex - EDH, California
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe that Jerks Suck

I believe there is no good reason for people to be jerks. I’m talking about people that you don’t know that treat you like dirt. For example last week somebody cut me off on the freeway when there was nobody behind me, we got off at the same exit and I went into the lane next to him and he turns and flips me off. Part of me wanted to get out of the car and teach this guy some respect, but I knew that would not solve anything. I used to work at an Auto shop in El Dorado Hills and my boss was the biggest jerk I have ever worked for. He treated his employee’s and customers like dogs that couldn’t do anything without messing up. He was constantly swearing on the phone and in the shop, but whenever a colorful word slipped off my tongue he would yell at me. I understand that life has its up’s and down’s, but when you treat other people like crap it doesn’t make you feel any better.

A common misconception I hear is that jerks tend to be more assertive and get further in life. This is definitely not true, you can be a nice person, but at the same time be assertive and not a push over. I think a person’s success is measured by the quality and strength of their friendships and family, not what kind of car they drive or how big their house is. Although having a big house with expensive toys is nice to have it does not make a person’s life more meaningful.

I will admit that sometimes I act like a jerk is inevitable. Arguments with friends, family, or girlfriends have always led me to treating other poorly. Everybody feels this way at times, some more than others, but it is a common emotion. I have noticed that most people act like jerks because they are just insecure about themselves, and want other people to feel that same insecurity. I know when I am in a good mood I try and project my mood onto others, and the same goes for a bad mood.

A good sense of humor is a valuable thing to posses especially when you’re in a bad mood and want to be a jerk. Being able to laugh at yourself about mistakes and problems in life helps your attitude out a lot. People with a sense of humor are typically more emotionally stable too because they do not take their problems and flaws that seriously. Laughter is a good medicine for people’s emotions and attitudes, because it takes stress off daily tasks and life in general. If I had to leave a message to sum up my essay it would be; Life is too short to be a pissed off jerk all the time. Love what you have, and live life to it’s fullest with no regret.