I believe in the power of faith and positive thinking

Judy - Orlando, Florida
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the power of faith and positive thinking.

My mother is battling breast cancer.

When I tell people this I see their eyes fill with compassion and pity.

I feel them fall silent as they search my face for a response or the right words.

They want to cry for me.

They want to cry for my mom.

They ask how young she is and wince when I tell them she’s 52 years old.

“Too young,” they say.

But what they don’t know about my mom, about her breast cancer, or about me is that we’re going to be o.k.

We know this.

Because you see we have faith and the power of positive thinking.

From the moment she me told me she was sick and would have to begin treatments immediately – we decided right then and there that we would put our fears in God’s hand and concentrate only on the positive.

When she can’t eat I remind her what a great diet chemo is.

When she lost her hair and I had to see her bald for the very first time (something no woman should ever have to go through) I reminded her of just how beautiful her hair would be when it returned.

My mother has just finished chemo.

So far it appears the cancer has responded well.

There’s no sign of it and a surgical procedure will take place later this month to verify it.

But we already know the cancer is gone.

We’ve known all along cancer wouldn’t be here for long.

Cancer was just visiting.

We’ve never doubted that; not for a single minute.

My mother’s hair is starting to grow back.

We marvel as her hair, eyebrows, and eye lashes are beginning to grow.

Like the first flowers of the spring my mother has been anxiously awaiting their return.

She smiles as she sees the hairs grow more and more every day.

Mean while I continue to water my garden of faith and positive thinking.

I remember what my life was like before it and I know I would never have made it through these last couple months without it.

My faith and positive thinking keep me alive, keep my mom alive, and it’s been the sword that’s been eradicating my mother’s cancer.