True Colors

Linley - Magnolia, Arkansas
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Many people fail to notice crayons. Their size and simplicity makes them appear worthless to most people. Because of their delicacy, crayons can break from being stepped on, they can be used up, and they can be destroyed in many other ways. Unlike diamond rings, fancy vehicles, and large houses, crayons are cheap — but I believe in crayons.

Imagine a box of crayons with an assortment of 96 different colors. Before coloring a picture, the artist has to choose which one to use out of the entire box. People can be compared to crayons, each one having his or her own identity. It does not matter what color crayon an artist chooses, and neither should it matter how unique an individual is. For example, a girl on campus wearing a lot of black clothing may appear odd to other students, but she is just conveying her style. Likewise, a boy at school dressed in a polo shirt with a collar might be perceived as preppy. Neither of these two is better than the other.

All of the colors are packed together even though they are all different. Crayons show me that despite individual differences, people can come together. Even though everyone knows each other, students at lunch sit in separate cliques and do not interact. These students feel uncomfortable when they are away from their clique. These groups sometimes feel as if they are better than others because they have not taken the time to interact with them. However, a person who does not stay in a clique has the advantage of having a variety of friends.

Although an eye-catching picture is made of many colors, the individual colors put together make the picture as a whole stand out. Similarly, different people joined together can create a positive outcome. Even in the high school band, all different instrument groups are working together to produce music. Even when all the band members are combined, each performer still stands out.

A box of crayons can set an example for people. The variety of colors symbolizes individualism. I believe being unique is beneficial because it sets me apart by making me more interesting. Striving to be true to themselves, people can make the world a more colorful place by expressing their individuality. Both individuals and groups benefit from being their own color of crayon.