I believe in Love

Amber - Columbia, Maryland
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism, love

When I say “Love”, I don’t mean romantic love with red roses and chocolates. I am talking about a love that, I feel, is actually deeper then romantic love. This love is inherent in the nature of human kind. It is what drives humans to do for others by, a donation to charity or lending a neighbor sugar. Some may define this as kindness, but I believe it is a form of love. Love has been overlooked as something greater and more complicated then it actually is. We have forgotten to acknowledge its simplicity. Writers, scientist and poets strive to understand it and discover what it is. But we see it everyday, when we smile at a stranger passing by or toss a ball back to the kids playing in the yard. Some may see this as a stretch, but is truly believe these actions are driven by human instinct, and this instinct is love. There is evil in the world, and this evil is often caused by human beings, there are also those who are simply mean and disdainful. You may encounter these people complaining about service in a restaurant or you may see them on the news. But I believe even they have this most basic form of love. Everyone is born with it, just as everyone is born with a beating heart. However, these people may have let their life and other factors skew their ability feel this love. My examples have been of simple acts that are driven by this love, but I feel the need to clearly define it. Anything done by a human being for another person’s well being or as an attempt to supplement the human race’s existence, is an act love.