From Stomping Turtles to Slaughtering Aliens: Gamer for Life

Jordan - McNeil, Arkansas
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in videogames. The cartridges, CDs, and files that bring so many people so much happiness allow them to assume many different roles. I can be a knight trying to kill a dragon one minute and a short Italian man trying to save the princess from a giant spiked turtle the next. With almost every passing day, a new game comes out to challenge my wits and to satisfy my cravings for a new story. I believe videogames are a part of my core being.

When I first saw my cousin playing the old Nintendo, I was immediately hooked. Before long, I was the one controlling the game. With each game I beat, I craved more. I loved each and every pixel that lit up the screen, formed the characters that I knew and loved, and shaped the worlds in which they dwelled. I was always on my best behavior while roaming in Wal-Mart with my mother so that if I happened to glance at the game aisle and saw something new, I could coerce my mother with trembling lips and a set of mist filled, puppy-dog eyes into purchasing my sought-after item. These games, to me, represented so many things that could only happen in my over-active imagination, but were somehow magically placed on my television screen. They gave me the inspiration to shape and twist my own ideas into fantastic images.

Ten years later, my love for games lives on strong. Now as a high school student, my life is very busy with tests, homework, and all the drama that goes with a teenager’s life. These few, but harsh, aspects really drain me of all my energy. However, when I return home and see my Xbox, I feel a sense of rejuvenation that can only be described as phenomenal. The games are an escape from all of these things, and once I hit the power button on my console, they are the farthest things from my mind. Without videogames to occupy my attention, I would have a lifestyle that is as dull as an overused knife.

Later in life, most people will try to find a career that is in sync with their lifestyle. I, too, hope to find my calling in the field of anything related to making videogames. However, there is a ridiculous amount of math required to design games. Although math is possibly my most reviled subject, I will go any length, strive through any challenge, and sacrifice all the time and money required for tutoring to achieve my dream of having a job creating and designing videogames.

Many people feel games are nothing more than a child’s pastime or an adult’s wasted time. However, videogames are so very much more. Like books, games can convey the creator’s ideas and thoughts into visual images that can be seen and enjoyed by all. No matter what year or age, I believe videogames have and always will remain a part of my core being.