Puppy Love

Meredith - Magnolia, Arkansas
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe with my whole heart that a puppy can have a magnificent impact on anybody’s life. As long as I can remember, I have always wanted a puppy to call my own, to watch grow and to always have someone to play with. I will not dispute the fact that having a dog can be hard work and isn’t cheap, but caring for a dog can be worth the trouble. I believe that a puppy cannot only bring excitement and entertainment into every family, but with its wet nose, floppy ears, and needy eyes, can also bring unconditional love, teach responsibility, and provide protection.

There are many different breeds of dogs in the world; there is also one special puppy to fit into every family. For example, men who like to hunt prefer a hunting dog. A young teenage girl, on the other hand, wants that tiny little dog that she can dress up and take everywhere. With each dog comes a loveable, distinct personality. Dogs bring joy to their families. When a family has a dog, there is always someone to play with, or someone to go hunting with, or someone to just snuggle with at night. Dogs not only bring amusement, but love. A dog will always be there and always have love to give. Their everlasting love expects nothing in return.

For the younger dog owners, getting a puppy teaches them responsibility. Dogs have needs, and some are more demanding than others. Having a dog is not all just playing and cuddling; dogs do have a dark side. But this dark side teaches everyone, especially children, how to care for someone else. The dirty jobs involve washing the dog after an afternoon in the mud, and the worst job of all is picking up the poop! While none of this is pleasant, the puppy is always worth it.

Feeling secure is one of people’s basic needs. A dog has the ability to protect in some way. Small dogs have a bark, and they aren’t afraid to use it. Other dogs are naturally more attached to owners and can make an uninvited visitor terrified to come closer. As for those dogs who are the size of a small horse, well I’d run! There are also those dogs whom their owners depend on for protection and guidance. The dogs that are trained to guide the blind are true heroes. All dogs have that protective nature when they feel their owner is in trouble. The way they arch their back, raise their upper lip to expose their teeth, and compose that loud bark, are all defenses they use to protect their loved ones.

Dogs give back to their owners as much as their owners give to them. Having a dog can enrich anyone’s life. Dog ownership may even bring out a side in people they didn’t know they had. After all, dogs are not only loveable but reliable. Who can resist those cuddly cuties with innocent faces full of love?