I Believe In Two

Jennifer - Tipton, Indiana
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I discovered my religion last December while researching for a character in a graphic novel one of my friends and I were creating. My character was a wiccan and I need to further understand the base of this religion and exactly how it is practiced. Something in the reading struck true to me and I began to believe that there is more than one deity, that they are active in our every day lives, and that you can use your energies to influence your surroundings.

The duality of the deities is what really struck me as true. This concept is reflected throughout nature in various forms. The main form is the male and female gender of plants and animals. And as I dug deeper into the religion it became more and more fascinating, and it seemed to become more and more true.

I began to track my monthly cycle and that of the moon and found that more often than not in coincided. I began to meditate and open my chakras and I became calmer and a much more passive person. I feel the energy and vibrancy in nature and appreciate it’s beauty and all it has done for us. I know I have been reincarnated from a past lives and I feel there influence in my interests and abilities.

I also understand that my religion isn’t the only path to happiness. You should find and believe in any faith that strikes true in your soul and believe in it. The God and Goddess do not condemn you for not believing in them for they are every deity you could worship, for they were once one but are now two.

I accept that my deities are not infallible. They have faults and cause disasters, but there is always some good in the bad. Hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis renew the soil and make it much more fertile. Fires create ash which fertilizes and they also crack open the husks of certain kinds of seeds and help them to replant and grow into a new forest.

They are destructive and yes, my god dies every year, but is reborn of the goddess child. We celebrate his life with our holidays, but the goddess remains the same. Nature is in constant change, why shouldn’t the God and Goddess be. I not only believe, I know that there are two, but I might be wrong and I accept that. I love the God and Goddess and I believe in two.