Just Laugh

Lee - Madawaska ME. 04773, Maine
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When is the last time that you had a lot of fun or you had a good laugh. I think that life is too short to just sit by your self in a corner thinking of all the wrongs in life. I think that you should have as much fun in life as you can possibly have because life is just way to short. I believe that it is a lot better to laugh than to cry because when you laugh it makes the people around you feel joyful that someone else is happy. I do not mean that you should laugh if someone just died; I mean to laugh if you are depressed.

Whenever I am quiet at work or I am not in a good mood, which usually I am in a good mood, one of my co-workers keeps on trying to make me laugh and he says that it is a lot better to laugh than to be depressed. My co-worker says this because he has been through many bad times in life and he said that life is a lot better when you laugh a lot. I have also tried laughing a lot when I am depressed and it really works. I really like to work with this guy because he is always cracking jokes and of course laughing.

I think that it is good for a person to have fun as much as possible because you never know when you will die. I think that a person should take all of the opportunities to have fun because it can relieve some stress and you are just having a good time and hopefully laughing. When I have fun, I try to make it as less stressful as possible. When I want to take away some stress I go for a ride on four-wheeler because I feel free when I do that. I personally believe that having fun and laughing takes away stress and it puts you in a lot better mood

I find that the more a person is in a good mood the more likely there are people around them in a good mood. I dislike it when one negative person can turn a crowd into a mob of angry people who walk around making rude and negative comments about people. I really like how one person can light up a room just by laughing and having a good time. I think that it is good to laugh and have fun because you feel happier on the inside and it makes you more fun to be around. I find the more fun that you have the more likely you will be popular. I believe that laughter can cure many things including a broken heart.