Which Door Number

Jenna - madawaska, Maine
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

If I choose to open door number one, Life, full of laughter, full of smiles, full of happiness. I could open door number two and see something totally different. But for me I choose to open the first door.

Why should I live a life being depressed and lonely? When I smile at someone it’s contagious.

One day I was asked to do something outrageously crazy I thought, nah I replied I didn’t want to do it I wasn’t ready to be daring and try something new. I put it off for many weeks but it was always in the back of my mind. Should I try it or not? So I finally decided after like five weeks that I was going to go. Thursday came along and my friend was coming over after school and we were finally going snowboarding. Wow I was actually kind of excited! When I saw the mountain, I thought, no way, I looked over at my friend and her face and her expression was the same as mine. My mom forced me But I was determined. I only have one life, I have to live it to the fullest and be brave. Well I went down the mountain, and it was pretty sweet. The second time I sprained my wrist but oh well it was so worth it. Since then I’ve gone again and I had so much fun.

We all have a choice I choose to try new things and enjoy life. I’m never sorry I opened door number one. You might only have one more day to live, so live it! This is what I believe.