I Believe In Not Wearing Underwear

Christina - Tipton, Indiana
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in not wearing underwear. Recently I had the joy of experiencing the freedom of not wearing underwear. Now this was not by choice, but by pure accident.

Just a few days ago, some friends and I got together to celebrate my sister getting married by having her bachelorette party. Being the maid of honor, I had to plan it all. While in the midst of getting the hotel room booked, getting all the games and party supplies together and telling everyone where to go, I forgot to pack underwear. And it wasn’t like I could just wait to shower at home the next morning because I had to go to work at eight o’clock that morning. So I just went without.

I know this seems odd and unusual, maybe even uncomfortable for some people, but it was a surprisingly freeing experience for me. I came to realize that underneath it all, underneath each of our layers of clothing, we all wear underwear. But sometimes this can be a bad thing.

Like underwear, we keep certain things hidden and to ourselves. But what we don’t realize is that keeping things hidden can cause serious stress on us. If we would just let things go and share our secrets and feelings with others, we would feel better about whom we are as a person. We would also have less stress in our lives and feel so much freer.

I am one of those people who stresses out about absolutely everything. But since this non underwear wearing experience, I have learned to not keep things hidden and to myself. I have learned to just let things go and not to stress so much about everything. I have been happier and felt freer since then.

Not wearing underwear is a freeing experience. This I believe.