It’s Not Worth It

Emma Dionne - Grand Isle, Maine
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

How far would you go to be categorized as “perfect”? Starving yourself? Killing yourself?

Perfection may be dreamed for or hoped for but in the end it’ll be an objective that has never and will never be accomplished in this world. The pursuit of perfection causes people to do the unthinkable.

Being perfect means being “completed”, “flawless”, and “fulfilled”. If we were completed what else would there be for us to do in life? There would be no room for us to change in areas we wish too, we would have come to the “end”. Life is more than just thinking of ways to perfect yourself. Life is about accomplishing the finer things.

Have you ever found yourself sitting with your best girl friends, watching MTV, and one friend spoke the words, “Wow, she’s so skinny. I wish I looked like her”? I was that friend, the girl that spoke those words of envy. I wanted the perfect body and the perfect skin to accommodate my “perfect” body. That was me, the young teenage girl that strived for perfection. My life revolved around perfection. It took me over and I didn’t even see it happening before my own eyes. I saw myself killing my own body and I couldn’t stop it. It became an addiction. My stomach often screamed for food but I couldn’t come around to putting it into my mouth and chewing those calories. In a sense, food disgusted me.

Soon I missed myself and wanted me back. I looked at myself in the mirror and found myself back at square one. Perfection had let me down. I was unrecognizable. I believe that perfection is a cruel joke and something that will come back to haunt you, maybe for the rest of your life. Imperfection is more my forté, and what I strive for. Being labeled as “imperfect” is the best feeling in the world, knowing that your no where’s near perfect.