Hard Work Always Triumphs Over Natural Talent

David - Haysi, Virginia
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Every great thing in life is done as a result of practice. While there are people who don’t have to practice to be “good” at something, every truly “great” thing is accomplished by an overwhelming amount of practice. I’ve played tennis for four years and this is the saying that has held the most truth for me, “Hard work beats natural talent.” I’ve found that during most games, the person who has practiced the most wins. Naturally talented people are normally tough opponents, but practice beats out natural talent.

In a game of tennis, natural talent becomes a large factor. If a person is naturally athletic, he or she has a huge edge over the competition. But, any person who practices enough can overcome a person with natural talent. Athletic ability and a natural knack for tennis can be a valuable tool for winning games, but a dull tool doesn’t do very good work. If a person wants to be great they have to sharpen that tool with practice.

Practice isn’t the only thing that wins games however. If a person has practiced constantly and he or she plays against a very experienced player, then the experienced player could easily win. Unlike practice though, experience is just gained over time. Experience can be just as important as practice, but it’s not always. Experience is like natural talent; it’s important, but isn’t a guaranteed winning tool.

Throughout my life I’ve always tried to be great at everything I do. But I’ve found out that no one can be great at everything. A person can be good at everything or great at one thing. If a person wants to be extremely successful they have to put a lot of time and effort into their chosen profession. I’ve learned that, over time, practice accumulates and hard work triumphs over natural talent.