A Harder Life Makes a Better Person

Francis - columbia, Maryland
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I am only eighteen and I have been through a lot of difficult times throughout my whole life but for me, the most difficult thing was watching my mother get abused every night by the one person who took vows to treat her with all of the care in the world. Of course, when I was younger, I did not understand what was going on. It was not until I was about four years old that I was able to see and fully comprehend what evil was being committed.

My father was an alcoholic. Every night that I have been alive, except for the past five years or so after my parents separation, I have witnessed my father committing several abuses onto my mother. As if the verbal and sexual abuse was not enough, he would add physical abuse and permanent scars as well. I tried to protect her but I was so little and all she would ever tell me is to stay out of it and keep myself safe.

I will not go into detail on any specific incidents that I remember of the countless abuses, crimes, attempted murders and suicides that man has tried to put our family through. All I can say is that, I can now look back at what happened and realize something. I now realize that a harder life makes a better person.

I do not only say this to gloat or to say that my family is better than anyone else. I say this because I look at my family and others who have suffered some kind of fate similar to or worse, and I notice how kind, sweet, caring, grateful and how full of life they still are. A lot of people say, “If so many bad things have happened to you, than why are you still so full of life?” It is because going through so many hardships makes people realize how lucky they are and that they should appreciate life and what they have. We all know that it does not have to be so great and that everything we strive for and everything we want can be striped of us, as horrible as that seems.

Something else that I have realized over the years has helped me come to the belief that a harder life makes a better person. Those who have not suffered and those who have had a fairly “easy” life are filled with bitterness, hatred, and seems to have no appreciation and take for grated every good thing that they posses.

The point is, over the years, I have come to understand what goes on around me. I have seen so many things in my short eighteen years. I have seen people suffer and I have seen people who take for granted what they have, because they have never had to experience what it is like to loose it. I believe, that a harder life makes a better person.